Princess Party FAQ's

Family date night at the Princess Party.

Princess Party Basics-
Who, What, When, Where and Why

"What's so different about THIS princess party?"

This is a princess party with purpose. That purpose is to have FUN and to share the gospel of Christ with all who attend! We want your little princesses to know that they are special, because they are daughters of the One True King!

"Who can come to the princess party?"

Everyone who has a ticket! Mom's and Dad's- When you purchase a ticket for your little princesses, you get your ticket at a reduced rate!


 "What should we wear to the princess party?"

Think "frilly tea party princess dress" or "Sunday best"!  We want you and your little princess to get into it and REALLY have fun dressing up like God's little princesses!  We can't wait to see your pretty dresses!

"What do I need to do on the day of the princess party?"

We recommend your little princesses get a good nights sleep and/or a nap on the day of the event, eat before they arrive so they won't be hungry, and bring your camera for a magical time of bonding neither of you will EVER forget!

"Where is the princess party located?"

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 "When is the princess party?"

Although the princess party lasts all day, your ticket will get you into the 2 hour time slot of your choosing.  

 "What do you mean by 'time slot'"?

Different groups will be coming in and out of the princess party all day. Your time slot is the time, during the day, that you and your little princesses will be able to participate in the festivities.  And we CAN'T WAIT to see you there!

"What are we going to do at the princess party?"

Our time together will be filled with princesses, dancing, crafts, "magic" tricks, interactive games, sing-a-longs, Bible stories, a special parting gift for your little princesses and magical moments that neither you, nor your little princess, will EVER forget!


 "Can dad's bring their daughters to the princess party?"

Absolutely!!  We know what an impact dad's have on their little princesses! Dad's, you are not only welcome to attend, you are ENCOURAGED!  :-)

"Can we take photos and videos at the princess party?"

Absolutely!! As a matter of fact, we would be so honored if you would tag us in your photos and videos, share your photos and videos with us on our Facebook page {} and/or send us your photos and videos via e-mail!

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 "You don't use the princesses from popular cartoons?!? Why??  What princesses do you use??"

    As we began researching the idea of princess parties, it didn't take us long to realize that they were all exactly the same! Same princesses, same activities, same perfect image.

But, thankfully, we are not all the same!  That's why we're doing this. Like you, we know that God's little princesses are worth it for us-their parents-to show them more than the "same old thing".  And that's what we intend to do, one princess party at a time!


 "Are the princesses on the website going to be the actual princesses at the party?" 

Life happens. Although we can't guarantee which performer will be wearing the costume, we CAN guarantee that you and your little princesses will have a GREAT time and share a magical memory that neither of you will EVER forget! 

"Will food be provided at the princess party?"

Yes, but there will only be a very light snack at the princess party. Please make sure your little princesses have eaten before they arrive at the party so they won't be hungry.      

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